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The Procedure you should follow for making online purchases
To make an online purchase, the Customer must be over 18 years of age and with full legal capacity to act. Registration is the first step that the Customer who wants to make a purchase on this site must take. During registration, the Client must provide his name, surname, E-mail address, telephone number and password. The client is obliged to provide true and accurate data, mandatory for his identification. The password is personal and must be kept confidential by the Client and not disclosed to other persons. The Client will have access to his personal data in the Client space, or in case he will place an order, the Client must be identified in advance through the username and password, given that the password does not serve to make payments.
The customer completes the order through the procedure described on the website and confirms the detailed order summary, which contains information on the ordered product, and its price.
NFMA will not bear any responsibility if in the respective account of the Client makes a purchase or order another person who is in possession of the username and password with or without the knowledge of the respective Client

The verification of the Client's data and the issuance by him of the bank card number constitute the signature and express acceptance of all transactions performed by the Client on the website. NFMA. will not be liable if the bank card whose details were placed in order to make the payment is a stolen or declared lost card, in case the relevant bank confirms the payment.

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