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Let's train together.

These programs are made for you who do not have the time or opportunity to go to the gym, but want to change and improve your appearance by training. This is the right place to be. You don’t necessarily have to go to the outdoor training, we make sure to bring it to you.

30 Receta Për 30 Ditë

Cila është një ndër arsyet kryesore, që na çon drejt ushqimeve të pashëndetshme? Mungesa e kohës! Shpeshherë realitet, e shpeshherë i përdorur
si justifikim drejt zgjidhjeve më të lehta dhe më të shpejta, por
edhe më të pashëndetshme ushqimore, mungesa e kohës
është ajo që ka bërë shumë dëme, në shumë njerëz.

Online Personal training + Këshillim

Një ndër kërkesat që kam pasur më shumë që nga koha kur u krijua ka qenë mundësia e zhvillimit të paketave personale stërvitore, për të gjitha ato vajza/gra që duan një program stërvitor dhe regjim ushqimor të personalizuar, në bazë të kërkesave dhe nevojave specifike që kanë, si me trupin, ashtu edhe me ushqimin.


Let's train together.

Weight Loss

8 weeks

Mass Building Program

8 weeks

Toning Program

8 weeks

Combo package

Program dobësimi nr.1 stërvitje + regjim ushqimor, 7500 Lekë!


BMI Calculator

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women.

Valid for age 20 or older.
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Today i finished the first program. From an 83 cm to 74.5 cm waist. Thank you very much and all the other girls were so fun! At first i did not think of it as an accomplishment but now i can say i made it!🥰🥰

-30 kg at the end of both programs, just following the healthy diet of @ne_forme_me_aulonen and exercising from home 😍😍

Dear, today I finished 8 weeks of program 1. I do not know how to explain how happy I feel and how much self-confidence I have created since I saw the first results. My weight was 65kg and today it is 58kg but this for me does not matter at all because the main thing is the change I have in the perimeter .... I will continue for another 2 weeks I will do the week 6/7 and then we will talk again about toning program. I do not think I will leave you with the exercises so much I started to love you and feel a lot of pleasure when I do ♥ ️ thank you dear for everything!
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