About Healthylicious

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Healthy food and full of taste! Isn't that the ideal one? Exactly why we created Healthylicious, your home of healthy eating patterns and taste.

After the unbelievable success of " Në formë me Aulonën”", the first online training platform in Albania, where girls and women living around the world have tremendously transformed their body through exercise and healthy eating, many of you had a request: Alright, you did actually bring the practical exercises home, but what about the food?


The main goal of Healthylicious is for you to establish a healthy relationship with food, to realize that food is not your enemy but rather, is your greatest tool for a healthy life, beautiful body, and optimal health. Why Healthylicious? Because we want to get rid of the ideology that eating healthy means eating tasteless food, that makes the whole process of nutrition, a process that gives you no pleasure at all. Eating healthy does not mean eating boiled vegetables every day, nor does it mean giving up sweets that are so beloved. That's why Healthylicious will turn the process of healthy eating, or the process of losing weight into a pleasure, thanks to the taste that it will give you in every dish. Two main meals, lunch & dinner and a snack will get delivered to you every day to help you achieve the results you want, without giving up the tasteful food. All products used are of the best quality. This is a condition for which we will never compromise. With Healthylicious food you will never get bored because every meal will be different and full of taste.